End of Semester Writing

Throughout my first semester of college, I learned many different skills in writing that I had no idea existed. High school taught me the main writing techniques, including how to add a quote into an essay. But, in college, I realized that there is a lot more to learn than just writing, you learn how to read articles and how to annotate them correctly. Some procedures and concepts I learned are annotations and some new study habits. When reading an article from a chapter of the textbook, I made sure to mark up what I thought would be important to me later in the future. I highlighted, underlined and explained what I thought was important about a paragraph or a sentence. In the future, some materials I will use to read and annotate a lengthy article is definitely making sure I highlight important words and phrases as well as looking up words that I don’t recognize or know the definition to so I can have a better understanding of the article and what it is about.  

Reading was a huge part of this semester. We read different kinds of articles and different chapters in different books. Our homework included reading a chapter, annotating and taking notes over what was important in the chapter and what could help us in future essays. It wasn’t that much work and it was an easy homework assignment. Though sometimes I did have difficulty completing the work on time or in general. I get distracted easily so I could never get the work done when it was needed to be done. That was a problem that I had, focusing. There were times when I could focus but other times when I couldn’t. I usually listened to music and I always looked at my phone which also was another distraction for me. I’m hoping next semester I’ll be able to focus more on reading and writing and be able to get my work done on time. 

There are many things that I need to change my habits and how I work so I can focus on all of the work. This includes keeping my phone away while I do my work and keeping myself focused on what I’m doing at that moment and not what is happening on social media. Nothing on the internet is more important than my grades and focusing. So, I am hoping that in the future I will be able to make these changes and be able to work hard in all the future English or writing and reading so I can focus and make sure to get good grades and so I can pass all of my classes. 

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  1. Eric Drown says:

    Those focussing strategies sound like they should work if you can bring yourself to implement them whenever you read.

  2. Eric Drown says:

    I’d like to see photos of your annotations on the Kahneman article.

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