End of Semester Writing Day 2

Throughout this semester, we learned a lot of different habits in writing, including revision, prewriting, drafting, and editing each essay we wrote. We use prewriting as a beginning for writing an essay so we can get a head start on what we would be writing about. Drafting is writing a rough draft to your essay to get a gist of what you are writing about. We use the rough draft for students to read through and make comments about what you can change and try and fix to make it sound a little better. This leads to revision. Revision is when you or one of your peers revise your essay and see if there is anything that needs fixing or anything that can be changed or added into the essay. After the revision, we are sent back to rewrite the essay and add in what needed to be fixed, changed or added. In my case, my writing habits, I think, were pretty good. I was able to brainstorm for my essay and create a draft of what I was brainstorming. After writing the essay, the teacher would have us share the essay with fellow classmates so they can revise it and comment if there are any changes that need to be made. I think I usually did a really good job with revising someone else’s paper. I feel like I made good comments about what could be improved and what needed to be changed, and other classmates made it easy for me to understand what I needed to change about my essay. After getting the revisions back, I paid attention to the comments that were made and changed what needed to be changed and added what needed to be added. In the end, I could say that from the beginning of the semester to the end, my wiring skills have definitely improved.

These habits helped me with becoming better with rewriting essays and actually doing good on the rough draft so not much needed to be changed after the revision. College writing is very different from high school writing, which I noticed as soon as I got my first writing prompt. There was more that needed to be written and there were more details that needed to be added than from what we had to write in high school. The changed from high school writing to college writing made me realize that college is completely different from high school. Knowing about these habits helped me write high-quality college essays and make them seem better than they probably are. 

I do think that there are points in these writing habits that I need to change when I am writing an essay. I think there are times where I don’t think I make good enough comments when revising a paper, or I don’t add enough information into my draft. I feel like that is stuff that I need to work on in future years of writing, being able to make sure I have enough information describing what I am writing about and being able to make better comments so my classmate knows what they need to fix.

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  1. Eric Drown says:

    Hi Ashley, your reflection shows a solid understanding of the writing process. One minor correction – classmates “review” your work, you “revise” it. Revising is making the changes. Reviewing is suggesting them.

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