Case Study Part 3

I always wonder why we decide to make bad judgments, even if we are not realizing it. I made a bad judgment thinking I’ll be okay to go to a concert by myself in Boston. If you have strict parents, how could thinking about going to a concert alone be good judgment? I had a cognitive fallacy, which is what Kahneman explains. The cognitive fallacy I had was the exaggerated expectation of consistency. I thought that if I acted like an adult and proved I could be trusted to be alone, I would be able to go to the concert. Still, I was wrong. No matter how hard I tried to prove myself to my parents for them to let me go to the concert, I still had no luck. I made this judgment thinking someone could change when in reality it didn’t change a thing. It actually made it a lot harder considering I was pestering my parents to let me go. No matter how many times I asked, the answer was still always no. I felt confident that I could change their minds if I started acting more like an adult. That was one bad judgment that I made and hopefully, I’ll never make it again.

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